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The Doctor's perspectives was the most exciting part for me! The way they described their daily life inspires me to begin my own journey into medicine. Also the taster sessions were interesting and it gives me an insight of what all we will be taught in a med-school. Basically I had a great time doing the course and I'd love to pursue medicine!


The course was certainly worth it as it gave a broad but detailed perspective of medicine and has aided me in knowing how to pursue medicine and what to expect when I do.


It included everything I was hoping for. It has encouraged me that medicine is not impossible and that it is not an "overkill" like others make it out to be.

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It was perfect! I got an insight into what life would be like as a Doctor, and I am very excited into pursuing that as a career.


This course has further persuaded me to pursue medicine because it made me realise that I will never get bored of this career because there will always be something new to learn.


This course has encouraged me to pursue medicine. It has helped me understand why medicine as a field is best suited for my personality and interest .