This online course provides you with an insight into medical school and an understanding of the application process and life after university. 


The course is comprised of 4 modules:

  1. Medicine 101 - learn about what medicine is, understand consent & good medical practice, learn about the art of taking a medical history from a patient and finally, understand how to examine a patient in a structured A-E approach!
  2. Thinking Like A Medic - apply the knowledge from the previous module to clinical conditions that you will commonly see! There are currently 9 topics covered ranging from cardiology and general surgery to 
  3. Doctors' Perspectives - hear from 7 doctors from different specialties and hospitals that are currently working in the UK about what their work-life balance is like, what they enjoy the most about their jobs, the challenges they face, their advice for making the most out of work experience and their top tips for applying to medical school! 
  4. Applying to Medicine - in this module, we will go over the different steps of applying to medical school in the UK including: UCAS, UCAT, BMAT, Personal Statement, Work Experience and the Medical School Interview!


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