Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer discounts?

To ensure that students from all backgrounds are able to access the course, we are happy to announce a means tested bursary scheme. We have provided details here

  • Do you offer interview practice?

Our tutors have been through the interview process for multiple medical schools and have also conducted MMI interviews in the past. We do not give students formal interview practice but we do run through common interview questions and tip for success.

  • How long am I able to access the online course?

Once you've purchased the online course, a link will be sent to you with instructions on how to access our content. This link will expire after two weeks from the date of purchase. Please only purchase the course if you are sure you have the time to complete it. 

  • Can the online course be accessed by multiple people?

To ensure our content is not plagiarised or shared with individuals who have not paid for the course, we have limited online access to your specific IP address. Therefore, if a login from another computer is detected your access will be barred automatically.

  • Do you provide evidence of course completion?

Yes, we send students certificates of completion after the course is completed. 

  • Are you an official medical school?

No, we are not an official medical school. We only provide taster courses for students who would like to apply. Our course is NOT a formal qualification.

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