About Us

We are a company that provides taster courses for aspiring students who are interested in studying medicine at university in the UK.


We are a team of doctors and medical students based in London with a passion for education. We have consulted pre-medical students, medical students, doctors and surgeons, all at various stages of their careers, around the United Kingdom in order to deliver a high-quality online course that is useful for you.


Our curriculum integrates academic seminars which covers content from university, with concepts and case studies from the perspective of a pre-clinical student, clinical student and doctor.  We also give advice on strengthening applications to medical school, with tips on interviews and personal statements. In addition to this, we have conducted video interviews with doctors from various specialities to provide you with information about what life is like working as a doctor in the UK.


Our main aim is to help students decide whether medicine is for them.

Please note: We are not an official school of medicine, we only provide taster courses for students who would like to apply. Our course is NOT a formal qualification.